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We are a boutique language centre based in Toronto specialising in teaching Chinese and Vietnamese both online and in-person, for individuals or small groups. All of our teachers are highly qualified, experienced, and meticulously trained to give you the best possible learning experience. We can also run programs in partnership with local schools (public and private), libraries and child care centres. Contact us for a free consultation today and see the difference experience makes!

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We were looking for a language tutor to improve our daughter’s Mandarin Chinese level. Our Sophie Language teacher has been diligent, punctual and made the lesson a fun time that our daughter looks forward to. We provided some material we bought overseas specifically for this purpose which she has supplemented with a series of games and language exercises. There has been a marked improvement in my daughter’s language ability which I have no doubt will continue the longer we work with Sophie Language. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a language tutor without any reservations.

David W.

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Founder and Lead Teacher


I am a native speaker of both the Mandarin and Vietnamese languages, and have a PhD in Linguistics and Applied Linguistics. I also have a Master's degree in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language. I have also completed a diploma in Early Childhood Education from the Canadian Montessori Teacher Education Institute. I have been teaching different programs and different languages (Chinese, Vietnamese and English) for over ten years in private schools and universities in China, Vietnam and Canada. Due to the popular demand for learning Mandarin and Vietnamese in Toronto, I have selected and trained a team of teachers to provide you with the highest quality instruction in these languages. Please book a free consultation if you would like more information!

Chinese and Vietnamese Teacher


Chinese and Vietnamese Teacher

I am a native speaker of both Mandarin and Vietnamese. I obtained my Bachelor’s degree from the Foreign Trade University in Vietnam, my MBA from National Cheng Kung University in Taiwan, and have a Diploma in Automation and Robotics from Centennial College. I have more than eight years of experience and specialized training in teaching Mandarin and Vietnamese to children and adults in Vietnam, Taiwan, and Canada.  With an intense interest in learning and teaching, I have tailored my teaching methodology to be based on real-life situations to help learners effortlessly and spontaneously grasp new concepts. I believe that languages and cultures are intertwined; therefore, I always include content about culture in all my lessons. Let’s enjoy lively classes together via virtual meetings and in-person sessions!

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Chinese Teacher

I am a native speaker of Mandarin. I obtained my Bachelor’s in Education in China and my Master’s Degree in Educational Administration at the University of Windsor. Currently, I am completing a diploma in Early Childhood Education at the Canadian Montessori Teacher Education Institute.  I have extensive experience and specialized training in teaching Mandarin as a second language in both Canada and China, so I know how to create effective and positive learning programs. With my passion and interest in teaching and learning, I developed my teaching methodology based on students’ personalities and real-life situations. Making the learning program more interesting is the purpose of my teaching. I look forward to spending time with you and learning together!

Anna Nguyen


Vietnamese and English Teacher

As a native Vietnamese speaker, I hold a Bachelor's degree in Language Teaching from Hoa Sen University in Vietnam. I bring deep expertise and focused training in teaching Vietnamese as a foreign language. My professional experience covers teaching a diverse range of students, from kindergarteners to adults, at international schools, language centers, and private tutoring sessions. My teaching philosophy is built on patience and determination, focusing on engaging and interactive methods to unlock each student's learning potential. I am dedicated to nurturing a passion for learning languages and providing thoughtful guidance throughout your educational journey. Join me in discovering the joys and rewards of learning a new language!

vietnamese teacher


Chinese and Vietnamese Teacher

Originally from Vietnam, I earned my Bachelor of Arts degree from Ming Chuan University in Taipei. After five enriching years in Taiwan, I am now pursuing a postgraduate degree in Business Insight and Analytics at Humber College in Toronto. I have extensive experience teaching and interpreting the Vietnamese and Chinese languages, and have a passion for educating my students in an interactive and life-applicable manner. As an educator, I am eager to share my love for languages and guide you through the captivating beauty of linguistic expression. Let's embark on an exciting journey of language discovery together!

Chinese Teacher 2


English and Chinese Teacher, Administrator

I have been teaching and tutoring students of the Chinese language for a number of years in both China and Canada. I completed my Bachelor's degree at the University of Toronto (East Asian Studies and Philosophy) and my Master's degree at Sun Yat-sen University in China (pre-modern Chinese philosophy and language); at the Master's level, all my coursework, my thesis and thesis defence were done entirely using the Chinese language. I am excited to spread my passion for Chinese language and culture with future students and look forward to meeting you soon!


Please note that for in-person lessons we currently only accept customers in the Toronto area.

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