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Sophie Montessori provides a Mandarin immersion Montessori licensed home childcare experience that nurtures your child's innate curiosity and independence. Expert instruction, a low teacher-student ratio of 1:6 (we only accept a maximum of 6 students), and a bilingual curriculum create the ideal environment for your child to flourish. Welcome to a place where every student's learning journey is celebrated and where every student can feel at home.

Why Sophie Montessori?
Practical Life

Practical life activities are designed to enhance children's fine motor skills, foster eye-hand coordination, promote independence, encourage concentration, and boost confidence and self-esteem.

Child doing practical life activity
Child doing practical life activity

Sensorial activities are purposefully tailored to awaken children's senses and cultivate an awareness of their surroundings. These materials meticulously isolate individual sensorial concepts, rendering each one distinct and easily understandable. Specifically designed to define concepts such as weight, size, shape, colour, sound, smell, and texture, these materials empower children to develop a nuanced vocabulary under the guidance of their teachers.


Our language activities introduce children to the phonetic sounds of letters, providing them with a foundational understanding of written language. By tracing alphabet letters, children are prepared for the physical act of writing. As they become ready, encouragement is given for them to craft stories that showcase the expressive aspect of writing.

Child doing language activity
Student doing math

Our mathematical materials support children in grasping the transition from tangible to conceptual ideas by employing analysis, conception, and exercise. Through the use of these materials, children acquire knowledge of quantities, numeral identification, number sequencing, and a practical understanding of addition and subtraction concepts.

Science & Culture

Montessori culture materials introduce children to diverse subjects like geography, history, botany, and zoology. Students will delve into world maps, grasp concepts of seasons, dates, and time, while also gaining knowledge about the external features of plants and animals.

Child doing science activity
Child writing chinese
Mandarin Chinese

With Sophie Montessori your child will gain a foundation in one of the most widely spoken languages in the world in a fun and engaging manner through songs, games and a modern take on traditional Montessori activities.

Founder & Principal

Founder and Principal


I am an innovative educator with over twelve years of experience teaching children. I have a PhD in Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, a Master's degree in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language, and also a diploma in Early Childhood Education from the Canadian Montessori Teacher Education Institute. I am honoured to accompany your child on his/her educational journey through the most precious period of their lives. Please reach out to me if you would like to learn more about our modern, bilingual (English-Mandarin) Montessori program.

Sophie Montessori Founder

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Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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